Ancient Harmony

We can…be part of a new birthing within us and between us today. And the new birthing relates to the ancient song that we are invited to hear again…the more we become reacquainted with its music, the more we will come to know that the deepest notes within ancient songus and between us in our world are not discord. They form an ancient harmony.

I was delighted to encounter this writing from John Philip Newell’s book Christ of the Celts.¬†Another of his books, Listening for the Heartbeat of God: A Celtic Spirituality, has been in my library for many years, one I recommend and refer to often. Deeply rooted in Celtic tradition, Newell is an amazing guide to spiritual resonance.

If we step into a space of resonance with universal vibration we touch the source of all song. The ancient song. Many voices singing down through history. It is for us to join the chorus.