Searching For Magic

With over seventy posts I’m still new to the whole world of blogging. One thing I find fascinating is being able to look at information about where readers live and what they are reading. Two posts in particular have garnered more attention than others. One about Ben Bulben, Ben Bulben Speaks, continues to receive many views long after the December posting of it. I can glean that most of these views are from Ireland which is understandable since that same title is also the name of an event happening in May.

Attention for another post is more intriguing. No Hats. No Rabbits, has been viewed around the world. I can see that in early viewings folks found this post through searching for ‘pulling rabbits out of hats’. However recently there are no search terms associated with views of this post which seems to indicated folks are going directly to the post, perhaps having been referred by a friend. Fascinating. This is the post in which I share information on the true nature of magic, insights received from my spiritual teachers.

magic handSo from all of this I have created a story that there are folks around the world searching for magic. Yes, it’s a story. But it works for me. And I hope that in reading the post they find that searching for magic isn’t necessary… for it’s really very close at hand. Even though, as has been said, the longest journey is the one from the head to the heart – and I would argue the soul as well – magic, true magic, is very close at hand.