A Time To Remember. A Time To Forget.

There are many wonderful things about celebrating Solstice. Among them this year is this week that stretches before me. A time to settle in with the land and write. To once again pick up the shuttle to weave the words and stories of Ireland’s indigenous spiritual ancestors. A time of peace and quiet as clients and friends are busy with the Christmas holidays.

Solstice. A time when we celebrate the Light and step once again beyond the darkness. giant's ring tree in winterWithin and without. A time to leave behind what no longer serves us. A time to remember what is truly important. A sentiment beautifully articulated in this Irish blessing.

May you never forget
what is worth remembering

or remember 
what is best forgotten.

Worth remembering for me is a powerful meditation under this magnificent tree in the Giant’s Ring in Belfast two summers ago. This tree holds such power. Even in winter.