The King Said It All

OK. Saturday is not the best day to shop at Costco, the aisles clogged with folks stopping for the ubiquitous food sampling opportunities. As I navigated past one young man loading small cups with ravioli I heard a large, loud, and aggressive voice behind me. “I will be the judge of whether this is any good!” I turned to see the source of this bombast, thinking, “Dude, the guy just offered you a free sample and followed a script to extol its virtues. Chill.” Then I saw his t-shirt. A proud Trump supporter determined to Make America Great Again. Apparently today his determination was focused on the greatness of our pasta.

The Donald’s campaign seems to be imploding. Fingers crossed. But even if we see the end of him, we won’t likely see the end of the bombast. Ireland’s King Cormac MacArt, who imagereigned from 218-254 CE before peacefully passing the crown to his son, offered the following advice for kings and leaders. It could as easily apply to those who follow Trump.

O Cormac, grandson of Conn”, said Carbery, “What is the worst pleading and arguing?”

“Not hard to tell”, said Cormac.

Contending against knowledge,
contending without proofs
taking refuge in bad language
a stiff delivery
a muttering speech
uncertain proofs,
despising books
turning against custom
shifting one’s pleading
inciting the mob
blowing one’s own trumpet
shouting at the top of one’s voice.

I could say more. But won’t. King Cormac said it all.

Judith –

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