Talk About Despair

It seems our nation is on a collision course with moral destruction. Death by a thousand tweets and cabinet appointments. There is good reason for anguish and despair. It’s a place so many of us have been and likely will be again. It’s not a comfortable place and it’s not a place to get stuck, but it is a place of great power.  Power we need right now, each of us and all of us. There are ancient texts that speak of this place and this power.

empty-spiritRipe are you who feel your personal
strength drained away, your real power
lies in the reign of Unity.

In tune with the cosmos are you who
feel completely dissolved, your new form
appears by the vision-power of the One.

Suited for divine purpose are you who are
exhausted, your power to stand then
arises from the First Cause.

In the right time and place are you whose
sense of Self becomes less, to you belongs
the integrity of the divine “I Can!”

So yes. Let’s talk about despair. But let’s move beyond what is causing it to discover the power in it. Let’s join forces with the divine I Can!

Judith –

If these words hold a ring of familiarity, they are Neil Douglas-Klotz’s interpretation of the original Aramaic words of Jesus that have come down to us as Blessed be ye poor: for yours is the kingdom of God. (Luke 6:20-26, King James Version)

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