Mythic Heroes

After our Solstice Fire celebration last night, he pulled me aside.”But what can I do?” he implored. In the ceremony around the fire I had told the story of the prophecy and promise of the Tuatha Dé. That, when we as a people are ready to claim the Light, they will return to help us purge the darkness. This is a promise written in mythology and it is a true story. I had also suggested now is the time for us to become mythic ourselves.

I look forward to more time with Aaron and our explorations of what he might do. homelessBut the answer is simple. Be mythic. For this is both about doing…and being.

Yes, there are valuable lessons embedded in Ireland’s myth and heritage. Yet Ireland’s mythic heroes are not just a thing of the past. Today. Right now. Heroes are stepping forward and standing up for the people. For the homeless. This is nothing less than heroic. In a video interview published today in The Irish Times, This Is Our Ireland.the question is asked, “What are we prepared to do for the people who need us most?” These Irish mythic heroes are prepared to defy the government and the law. What are we prepared to do? To paraphrase the headline of this video interview, This is our US. Not the government’s. Not the banks’.

Take a moment or 6 to watch this video. It will feed your mythic self.

Judith –