Threshold Stories

This poster was shared by a friend in Ireland. “…when things were normal.” Well. It doesn’t seem we are going back there. Which makes these principles all the more important. There will a new normal and the stories we hold will be essential.

The stories we hold about this cave cocooning will be among the stories that shape our emerging. The stories and energies of fear and anxiety will not serve us now…nor will they serve our way forward. Yes. Those energies are very present in us and the collective consciousness. It’s palpable. Yet we can shift that perspective by the stories we tell.

Judith –

2 thoughts on “Threshold Stories

  1. Right on, Judith!!! In fact, we must shift the stories if we are to retain our humanity, our sense of self-worth, our spiritual trust. Thank you, Helen Perry

  2. Sounds about right- May we all grow in kindness, compassion, and generosity because we can see how important they are!

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