Behind The Mask

June 9, 2020

It wasn’t intentional. This mask we wear is a consequence of being born into this culture. We all got one. And while we like to believe we were born into an enlightened set of values and aspirations, many of which are written into the founding documents of this country, in fact we are born into a capitalist system and society. It is those values that have largely and disproportionately shaped our masks through the influences of materialism, abuse of power, egoism, greed, and enemy consciousness. Yes, our core values of equity and social justice and knowing that all life is sacred are still there. It’s just often hard to see them behind the mask.

So many elders, especially indigenous elders, and wisdom keepers around the world are telling us that COVID19 is not an enemy but a messenger. And the message is highly spiritual. We are being called, and called strongly, to consider deeply our relationship with the Earth and with all life. We are being called to reconciliation and we are being called to ask forgiveness for those damaged and abused. We are being called to reclaim our spirituality and our humanity and transform our darkness into light.

We must do this for our survival. This is no longer a question. And, as passionate and creative people, this is absolutely within our power. There is no question we can do this. The question is are we ready, are we willing?

Are we willing to step out from behind our masks? Are we willing create a world based on values of love and compassion, of honoring all life as sacred? 

Are we willing to heed the message? If not, how many messengers will it take?

Judith –

19th Century kwakwaka’wakw transformation mask. artist unknown.

5 thoughts on “Behind The Mask

  1. Beloved Torch Bearer…..keep spreading the word. Your work is indeed brilliant.

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  2. Your writing about call is powerful. You come across with reason as well as passion. We have better natures but keep them suppressed. Keep them behind masks. The masks make it easier to go for profit over truth, greed over love.

    “We are being called to reclaim our spirituality and our humanity and transform our darkness into light.” I agree. This is the directive to humanity–urgent and opportune. This is our chance, while there are both inner wisdom and wisdom in the world. And while the Earth is whole enough for reconciliation.

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