Coming Home

August 21, 2020

Welcome home! Phone calls from friends and even the man I work with at the Hertz car hire desk in Shannon. And I am home. My life now is so much about being home both here in Ireland and at MossTerra. It’s good to be here to finalize work on the cottage. It’s good to be here away from the toxic energy that we live with in the States. In anticipation of my arrival, a friend here sent me this writing. And it speaks so much to this home coming. 

Summer winds are bringing rain. And this time I won’t be with a group of fellow pilgrims exploring sacred sites like the Carrowmore dolman in the photo. Yet within the sacred energy that flows from every landscape in Ireland, I can again touch a horizon of hope and possibility. Coming home in so many ways.

Judith –

4 thoughts on “Coming Home

  1. I imagine the ancestors’ arms waving in welcome! So happy you made it!

  2. Hi, Was trying to get in touch to see how you are and can’t get through to your email address. I hope you get this.

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