Bad Move, Car Guy

February 24, 2021

The Light Of Ancient Wisdom


We may never know who cut down the faery tree in Clare. But we do know who cut down the faery tree during construction of the DeLorean plant. It was DeLorean himself as was reported by Irish Central.

The car manufacturer DeLorean failed to heed the protestations of local workmen when rather spectacularly Chairman John DeLorean himself bulldozed a lone hawthorn tree to facilitate the building of his ill-fated luxury car plant at Dunmarry, near Belfast.

It was a brief and turbulent history for the DeLorean Motor Company, ending in receivership and bankruptcy. Yes. DeLorean was involved in drug trafficking. But local wisdom attributed the demise to the destruction of the sacred tree. He was warned. Don’t mess with the faeries. 

Judith –