Rounding Down

April 2, 2021

The Light Of Ancient Wisdom

It was of course a practical decision. Living in a round tipi at ground level, not much of our old furnishings fit. Not much of our old lives either. So when we moved to the land we gave away most of what we owned with the intention, even after we built the house, to only put back what was essential. When we built the house my mother was appalled at the lack of closets and storage space but that was deliberate. We didn’t want to store stuff we didn’t need. And what we need is still, forty five years later, under constant scrutiny. We continue to round down.

I’ve been thinking about this as we’ve now been a year in pandemic hibernation. We all gave away much of our old lives, although not by choice. And now we have the opportunity to consider what is essential to us as we build back our lives. Many are rushing headlong to go back to exactly where we were but the narrative of creating a new normal is compelling. What rhythms and patterns of this pandemic time do we want to keep…beyond pants that don’t button? What lessons and insights will shape how we live our lives?

We’ve had the opportunity to slow down to the speed of wisdom. What wisdom did we gain? What wisdom will manifest in our lives? How will we round down?

Judith –