A Potter Tale

June 3, 2021


Ah, Beatrix. This could be the inspiration for one of your stories for, like all good children’s stories, it holds the magic and imagination possible when the veil is lifted between worlds. And, if this was one of your stories, I imagine you would name it The Tale Of Sam Squirrel.

Dennis had returned to the house to find our beloved cat, Annie, doing her dinner dance. She was pacing between the refrigerator and the counter in the alcove off the kitchen where she eats. This message is clear. I would like tuna with my kibble tonight, thank you.

When Dennis walked over to get Annie’s empty dish it took him a second to register that the lump of fur next to the dish was an animal and another second to realize it was a squirrel and yet another second to see it was alive well, and absolutely nonplussed. It was just asleep. Taking a nap next to Annie’s dish. Waiting for dinner to be served? 

Annie, still pacing on the floor not three feet below Sam (because this squirrel absolutely deserves a name), seemed oblivious. Her focus was entirely on tunafish. Perhaps she knew Sam was there and either she didn’t care or had invited Sam to dinner. Cats. They keep their own counsel. After Dennis escorted Sam back to the woods we found ourselves sitting with a few questions.  

We assume Sam got in through an open upstairs window. But just how did Sam decide to go down to the kitchen and take a snooze next to the empty food dish? And how did Sam do that without attracting Annie’s attention? Did Annie in fact invite Sam to dinner? Who knows? There is a charming story here. If only Beatrix were alive to lend it her charming narrative and transform it into one of her Potter tales.

On another note. Over these last months I’ve been deepening my connection and relationship with the animal nations, especially those who live here at MossTerra. Dennis wondered if perhaps I’ve taken these meditations a bit too far. Well…the veils are thin here. 

Judith – judith@stonefires.com

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  1. I love, love, love this. We have become very attached to all the birds and assorted wildlife behind our home. They create an attachment in your heart that brings joy to your life.

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