Dancing With The Moral Questions

June 8, 2021


We only protect and preserve what we value. We only value what we know.

This philosophy was fundamental to the one guiding principle in our graphic design business of only working for organizations that were doing good things for our planet and people. Our two early forays into working with car dealerships only galvanized this for us. Our clients were government and nonprofit organizations working with issues of public transportation, social justice, parks & trails, and the arts. Then there was the zoo.

We told ourselves that it was important for people to see and experience animals in order to appreciate them. I’ve since changed my mind. We have all manner of opportunities to understand the natural world without caging animals in un-natural environments where species become specimens. In her book, Communicating With Orcas: The Whales’ Perspective author Mary J. Getten shares the experiences of orcas in captivity and it’s heartbreaking. 

Tomfoolery. I’m a huge fan of what this man creates and so am inviting you to take a few moments to watch this piece, Dancing Dolphins, which explores the moral questions that are so important to consider in our relationship with the natural world. It’s both charming and challenging, as is often the case when we dance with the important moral questions.

Here is the link. Enjoy!
Dancing Dolphins

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