Natural Allies

June 11, 2021


Filmed through a complete cycle of the Earth’s seasons, the Bakhta documentary painted a vivid image of the villagers’ profound and intimate relationship with the rhythms of the natural world. For them it’s an alliance and in that subarctic landscape it is literally a matter of life and death. I would argue the same is true for all of us. We just don’t choose to acknowledge it and we look away at our peril.

The natural world has thrived and flourished through all time without creating a toxic wasteland. Of course humans are part of the natural world but when we evolved to see ourselves separate from and superior to the natural world everything changed and now the natural world is struggling to flourish. Landscapes are devastated. Species are decimated. Toxic wastelands are becoming ubiquitous.

There is something to learn here. And for those of us who are horrified by the current trajectory of human impact, the Earth is a source of wisdom, resilience, and power. She is, as she has always been, our teacher if we are willing to attend the lessons. And if we continue to embrace our willful and arrogant ignorance she will restore the balance even if it means humans are expelled from the natural world.

Is covid19 part of this balancing and purging? I don’t know. It’s plausible. It is certainly a wake up call and it is time to wake up. Long past time.

When I feel powerless in the face of this trajectory of devastation, I turn to the Earth. I turn to the power and harmony of the natural world for there is tremendous power to inform and inspire. I choose to step into alliance with Earth energies and live in resonance with the Earth song, the music of all life in harmony. I am just beginning to experience the possibilities and they are both amazing and mystical. 

Our natural allies are all around us if we are willing to see them. If we are willing to embrace the beauty and power and mystery of them. It begins with seeing, truly seeing, the natural world and knowing that we are not separate from it but one thread in it.

Judith –

Note: I understand that since the 2010 documentary the village of Bakhta has become a tourist destination. I can only hope that the very short summer tourist season will minimize the impact on village life and culture.