Shoka. The Stone Nation.

June 15, 2021


Stone is solid, grounding, supportive, an anchor, trustworthy and consistent.
Stone holds peace.

Stone is a bedrock element for us. Pun intended. It’s in our blood, bones, organs and tissues. It’s in the streets we drive on, the cars we drive in, the buildings we live and work in. All metal comes from the Stone Nation and most technologies use Shoka in some form, including the minerals we take for our health. When our ancestors wanted to leave messages that would endure through time, they carved them in Stone. We may not always understand the mysterious petroglyphs, but 4,000 years later we can still see them. In contrast to the increasing frantic pace of our lives, the energy of Stone invites us to a slower and more eternal perspective. 

Instead of trying to force yourself to calm down,
breathe with Shoka and you will slow down.
Mukanda Dawe

Judith –