Kata. The Fire Nation.

June 17, 2021


The Seven Nations


Fire is the energy of transformation, consumption and action.

The Kata Nation holds immense power. Consider the Earth Fire at the core of our planet, a dense iron solid mass at 4300 degrees Celsius. Consider the Sky Fire or Sun which is a source of light and heat. And then there is Lightening which is also of the Kata Nation. All formidable forces and energies we can access at any time. These fires without fuel the fires within, fires that are part of our very metabolism that help our organs function and cleanse.

To even have a thought, you are using Fire in your brain.
To eat, your body metabolizes with Fire.
Call to the purity of Spirit that is Fire, in the Sky,
in the Earth and within us that we may live.
Mukanda Dawe

Judith – judith@stonefires.com

Note: Mukanda Dawe is an ascended master and one of my spiritual teachers. These are his teachings.