A High King In Home?

July 26, 2021


With the image of an automatic weapon on his baseball cap and a rather large skull tattoo on his neck, I was a bit wary. Clearly part of the community but, I assumed, clearly not part of my tribe. And then he told me that it’s time for the rise of the divine feminine. Seriously?

He was parked near my car this morning as I walked along the cove road in Home. Yes, Home is the name of our village. When I returned to my car he was standing looking at the water. I said hello as I walked to my car and he turned and began an animated conversation. He glanced down at the trash along the side of the road and talked about how it was a sign of disrespect for the natural world to just leave garbage around, that we need to learn to respect nature, that it’s time to turn away from the masculine energy of anger and war. We need more harmony, he said. We need more unity. Things are falling apart and we need women to lead. Seriously?

He is in fact a local and, he admitted, because of how he looks people assume he’s associated with those folks out here who are involved in drugs and robberies in the area. But he named himself a good guy among the bad guys and that when he hears of a robbery he makes the rounds, banging on doors and demanding of folks that if they stole the stuff they need to give it back. “That little old lady needs her stuff back!”

And then he launched into how everything is energy and we are all connected and we are all one. I stood there listening to him and thought, OMG I’m listening to an expression of the High King energy. I’ve written before about Irish King Cormac and his Instructions for the King. This young man was ticking all the boxes. 

People think I’m weird and a bit crazy”, he said. As I got into my car I assured him he isn’t at all crazy and said I hoped to see him again. Apparently he comes to the water frequently for the peace.

High King or not, this young man is a tribal leader. I was humbled by our encounter and grateful to have seen beyond his hat and tattoo to his soul. May we all find our way to see the soul of those we find in our path. Seriously.

Judith – judith@stonefires.com