A Complete Union

November 7, 2021


We arrived at Uisneach, the sacred center of Ireland, to spend the day with dear friend and colleague Marty who is also a spiritual guardian of this sacred site. I had no particular agenda for our time there. But Marty did. He asked if we would offer ceremonies at two locations with very stirred up and agitated energy. We did. And the energy shifted dramatically. But that’s not the point of this story.

The full details of those ceremonies are not to be shared. But I was sharing a bit about them having happened with a friend last week when she asked a great question. Why do those places need any kind of human engagement or intervention?

Indeed, the sacred sites in Ireland have been there for thousands of years. One might think the are able to manage on their own. However, although those sites are generally located on Earth energy lines and linked in with the Light grids, they were built by humans. In those thousands of years humans were in relationship with those places. And those places were in relationship with humans.

We have long lost that connection. We have long lost the knowing that we are part of the cosmic harmony and sacred collaborations. Yes. The sacred sites in Ireland…and in other parts of the world…are still very powerful. They hold the memory of ancient times and connections. Yet they are even more powerful when there is a collaborative union of Earth energies, Light energies, cosmic forces, and human energies. That is the complete union.

Judith – judith@stonefires.com