Moon Magic

January 16, 2022


If I wish
to fly through the air…

Moon Magic. There are a couple of ways to think about this statement as there are a couple of ways to interpret the image I’ve included here. One is a recognition of the mystical energies of the moon as part of the universal harmonies. In this, we honor those energetic influences and see ourselves as part of and in relationship with that sacred communion. 

Another way to consider this is using the moon for magic. In this, we see ourselves outside and separate from sacred communion. In this, mystical aspects of the universal harmony become tools. Sigh. It’s such a human power-over perspective to hijack the agency of the moon to our own purposes. 

The popular ritual of drawing down the moon is much about this. Look up any guidance for this ritual and you will find language that affirms this. With this ritual you are ready to engage in any form of magick work you choose. With this ritual you will become empowered, increase your self-esteem, heal from illness, overcome depression, increase joy…well, you get the idea. It’s all about using the moon as a tool for what we want. There is nothing about contributing to universal harmony or collective well being. There is not even a curiosity about what the moon might want to happen. It’s all about what we want to happen. 

This notion is not new. In classical times, ancient Thessalian witches were believed to control the moon, according to an old tract: “If I command the moon, it will come down; and if I wish to withhold the day, night will linger over my head; and again, if I wish to embark on the sea, I need no ship, and if I wish to fly through the air, I am free from my weight.” 

If I command the moon. Seriously? It’s hard to find the words to express how antithetical this is to sacred communion. It’s not hard to understand why witches had such a bad reputation and, because of this power-over approach, not hard to understand why that reputation lingers today. It does for me. 

Sacred communion is divine will and divine way, not our will and our way. In sacred communion we embrace the knowing that moon magic is just that, the mystical power and influence of the moon. And that is far greater than anything we could conjure up.

And yes, tomorrow is the Wolf Moon. A good time to howl in appreciation.

Judith –

3 thoughts on “Moon Magic

  1. Thank you Judith for making this clear distinction; I agree that it is an important one.

  2. Thank you for your teaching. So drawing down the moon is drawing down magic, the impressive kind that changes and improves the world below. I suppose there is the ordinary magic (so to say) of simply beholding. The moon is romantic and inspiring. Such a thing, such a gift, in the sky.

    I know our tides would be different without the moon, but imagine our spirits. I hope it is a special Wolf Moon night for you.

    • And thank you! Yes. I believe that simply beholding with honoring and respect is the most important magic. And yes, the moon is such a gift. To be appreciated. And you. Enjoy this Wolf Moon!

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