A Cosmic Chuckle

January 26, 2022


Feel free to laugh. I did. And I heard no small amount of cosmic chuckling.

The revelation landed as I was settling into that delicious liminal space between awake and asleep. It seems I more easily meet inspiration and insight at the edges. It landed and before I could get myself to make a note of it, I was asleep. But no such note was necessary.

StoneFire. It’s the name I chose fifteen years ago for the strategic consulting work I was doing and for the spiritual offerings I was creating. I liked that ‘stone’ was a nice transition from StoneMcLaren, our graphic design agency for more that twenty years. I’ve always had an affinity for stones. I still have the rock collection my grandad gave me when I was ten. And ‘fire’ just seemed to have the energy I wanted. Plus this was about the time my spiritual teacher gave me the nickname Torch Bearer. 

StoneFire. Emerging from my recent contemplative cave time, I’m inspired to shift things around a bit in what I’m about. Perhaps more than a bit. And I was sitting with the name and wondering if it still fits. That’s when the revelation landed. That’s when the chuckling began.


StoneFire. Look to the Seven Nations.

Well, duh!

Stone/Shoka is solid and grounding. Stone holds peace. Stones also hold the stories. Sometimes literally when ancestors wanted to leave an enduring message as on the Ogham stones. Sometimes more mystically when the stones offer up stories and messages from ancient times as in the stone circles and other Irish megaliths. Fire/Kata is the energy of transformation. It holds the flame of inspiration.

StoneFire. It was perfect when I chose it fifteen years ago. It’s even more perfect now. 

Judith – judith@stonefires.com

Note. So what’s up with stonefires, plural? Ah, yes. When I went to get the domain name the singular was taken, although it seems I could have acquired it for several thousand dollars. Feeling rather like a Wheel Of Fortune moment, I decided to buy the ‘s’ for far less money.

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