Those WTF Moments

August 4, 2022


I was sharing a bit about what unfolded in Ireland with a friend and he mentioned that there must have been a number of WTF moments in all of that. I laughed. There certainly were.

And then he offered another way to look at that. WTF. Waiting and breathing with the situation, not immediately reacting. Trusting that right action will come, perhaps through listening to guides, ancestors, intuitive and otherworld wisdom. Following that wisdom to right action. 

Waiting. Trusting. Following.

Thank you, Michael, I love this. May we all embrace these WTF moments in our lives.


BTW, since I seem to be into acronyms this morning, today is our wedding anniversary. Thirty-eight years. And nine years after we began our relationship. So there was the waiting and trusting and following our hearts. We would do it all over again in a flash. However doing the math over our morning coffee was something of a WTF moment for both of us.

6 thoughts on “Those WTF Moments

  1. Bless your hearts. WTF! I can see you clearly on your special day! Was an honor to be a part of it! Love you both!

  2. There are several delightful parts to this posting. The better “WTF.” The illustration. The fact of your anniversary. Altogether, a grand experience. And happy anniversary!

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