Two Words

September 11, 2022


Two words.
Knowing. I use this word often to express a deep spiritual understanding. Yet it strikes me that while I intend a mind, body, and soul understanding, this word is much about the mind. Sensing. Perhaps that’s a better word. It’s certainly more suited to my experience.

I’ve long wished that I had the ability to see energies and entities of other realms and dimensions. Although there are moments when I can, I’ve come to a place of accepting that wishing and striving won’t get me there. In this now I am grateful that I am able to sense those energies and entities. And that sensing is strong, landing in my body as a vibration, sometimes specific and unique vibratory codes for specific connections.

I now have one for Ema.

Two words.
I knew when I got the message to call him. But it was the first two words Dennis spoke that dropped me to my knees. She’s gone. 

While we knew this was likely going to happen while I was in Ireland there is no preparation. I was blessed to be with loving people in the middle of a sacred journey and staying with wonderful B&B hosts who had recently lost their beloved dog and had brandy on hand.

She was gone. But apparently not.

The next day we were climbing the Hill of Uisneach when I found myself reaching down to pet her as she walked beside me. She was there. And with a very strong and specific vibratory signature, one that has become very familiar and comforting. Through an animal intuitive, Ema has often told me that she sees herself as part of my spiritual journey and just this past week, when we asked for one final contact, these messages came.

Ema arrived to talk with me as a fully expansive spirit. She is larger than ever, a Guide now, a Sage, and I could see her as an eternal girlfriend and sister to you. She knows from her life with you how to connect all beings’ hearts. She wants you to know she just stepped from your loving home into a shining continuum where her skills and knowledge become the nutrition of the needy.


Shortly after Ema left this physical plane, I was called to create this image with the last photo we took of her and some words borrowed and adapted from Hildegard von Bingen. Her song vibrates in my being. A sensory delight, and often accompanied by tears of grief and gratitude.

I love you sweet girl. Two words. Love. Forever. 



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