Life Without Connection

February 22, 2023


Provocative perhaps. Yet right now we are living without connectivity and, as we wander through our days with new rhythms, I’m understanding how connection and connectivity have been parallel threads in our lives. It’s been a gift to remember the distinction.

Last Sunday I received a very powerful healing from my spiritual teachers through a zoom call. Immediately after that transmission my zoom connection died here in my office, I had to restart my computer twice, and the wifi modem at the house died. Dennis insists there’s a link, I’m not so sure. But was it just coincidence?

Now, I’m rarely on social media, never on FB, and so spend very little of my day on line except for emails. But we haven’t been able to hop on and check the weather forecast over our morning coffee, Dennis hasn’t been able to watch those art creation videos he so loves, and argh…we are stuck half way through season six of Shetland. 

It took us a bit to come to peace with this loss of internet connectivity. But we soon realized that what we gained was a lovely connection to conversation, unread books, and just being. Admittedly our grace with this is tempered by knowing this is temporary. The new modem will be connected today. But it gives me a good perspective to hold while we climb back into connectivity. The perspective of life with differently meaningful connection. 

Life with connection. Now a richer life.

You might wonder how I’m able to write this post. I do have wifi here in my office. But am more thoughtful and intentional about how much time I spend here. A good thing.