What The Hell?

Settled into the cabin that is home for me between Sacred Ireland journeys, I was looking forward to two days of quiet to catch up with myself and begin imagewriting some of the many stories and insights of these last two weeks. But I can’t. Not just yet. For I have also just caught up with the news.

Sitting here in Ireland where the police don’t suit up like robo-cops – in fact they don’t even carry guns. Where killing an unarmed man with car trouble on his way home from a music appreciation class would be beyond unthinkable. What the hell?

Talking with Dennis last night, he warned me about what is going on over there. I thought he was talking about Trump. And at one level he was. For I believe Trump’s venomous message of fear and hatred creates the culture of permission and sanction for these murders. And his message is all over the media. In the US and here were folks are terrified he just might become our next President.

Yet it is not just this most recent murder. It’s all of them. It’s the increasing anger and hatred and violence and corporate greed and environmental destruction. Looking at us /US from the outside is not a pretty picture.

In a bit I will have dinner with Irish friends and I know they will be asking. What the hell is going on in your country? I will have no ready answers. For even within the hope and possibility I choose as my story, I am asking that same question myself.

Judith – judith@stonefires.com