My Soul Call


Many people go to Ireland looking for their roots. I didn’t. I just went on vacation with my dad to see a new country and enjoy some quality father/daughter time. It was all of that. And it changed my life.

It was the beginning of a calling beyond anything I could have imagined as the doors flew open on my spiritual journey. Over the last twenty-five years, the spirit of Ireland has called me back and back again. The call of soul.

Now, through my books and writings, sacred journeys and sacred gatherings, it is my honor and privilege to offer the opportunity for others to hear and heed the call of soul. To come home to ourselves. To come home to the ancient wisdom traditions that vibrate in the land and landscapes of Ireland.

Judith Nilan, StoneFire

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  1. Do you have any post lock down plans to travel to Ireland? Originally from LA, I’ve been living out in the wild west of Mayo since 1994. I am very grateful to be in our countryside oasis especially during the increasingly strange and challenging times. Ireland definitely called to us and we never looked back!

    • Hey. I am planning to come over in August. Fingers crossed. Will be there for six weeks. I have a cottage outside of Gort and have loads of work to be done there. And yes. Ireland does call us…back and back.

      • Gort was the first town we stayed in after we arrived in Ireland. A bender at the back of our friend Nick’s house. Most of the people I knew well then have moved. Anyway, look forward to reading the book. Thanks for reply.

    • Hey Becky. Thanks for asking. The book will be available directly from me after I get home from Ireland. I fly home on October 15th. I will be creating a link through PayPal on this site. Might take a day or two to set up. Thanks for your patience on this. I haven’t generally let people know the book is printed…however the word is getting out. So getting the distribution/shipping set up is a top priority when I return. Again…thanks for asking! And you can always email me any time to ask. If you are following my blog you will get a notification…as I will do a blog post.

  2. Janet. Happy accident indeed. I just took a quick look at your blog and look forward to more time. Delighted you found me. In the quick read of your writing it does seem there is much resonance. Glad for all this finding….I sense there is more ahead. Beannacht.