Join Me In Ireland
Sacred Ireland Journeys. Weaving Elder Wisdom.
Brochure: 2018 SI:Weaving Elder Wisdom

Many people go to Ireland looking for their roots. I didn’t. I just went on vacation with my Dad to see a new country and enjoy some quality father/daughter time. It was all of that. And it changed my life. I experienced a calling beyond anything I could have imagined.

While I didn’t go looking for my roots, over many subsequent journeys I would find them. My spiritual roots. My soul fire.

It is now an honor and privilege to offer opportunities for others to come home to this ancient indigenous wisdom tradition. A tradition that is woven in the land and the people. In the history and mystery of Ireland. A spiritual practitioner, writer and teacher, I offer workshops, sweat lodges and journeys to Ireland.

Judith Nilan, StoneFire

One thought on “About

  1. Janet. Happy accident indeed. I just took a quick look at your blog and look forward to more time. Delighted you found me. In the quick read of your writing it does seem there is much resonance. Glad for all this finding….I sense there is more ahead. Beannacht.

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