We gather to share the wisdom
of our sacred communion.


The inspiration is flowing to create more gatherings. Check back for updates. Or email me if you are interested. I will also be getting the word out on these when they are created.


Ancestor Wisdom Circle

Meditation & Zoom Gathering

This circle is ongoing and now closed. 


In this time of great change and possibility, we are called to manifest ourselves as sacred people, to claim our spiritual heritage, and take counsel in the wisdom of the ancestors. They are available to us and they long to offer their counsel as much as we long to receive it.


10 thoughts on “Gatherings

  1. Would really like to know WHERE your workshops are held. Probably far far from the central California coast. I’m pondering registering for one of the 2015 trips.. I would probably arrive early and stay after.

    • Hello. Thank you so much for your interest. The workshops are held just a bit north of you in the Puget Sound area of Washington State. I would love to talk with you about the workshops or one of the tours. Right now the tours advertised are closed…but I have many folks on a list for future trips. Would love to add your name…as we are already considering future dates. Beannacht.

  2. By the way, it has taken me several hours to arrive a this site. Starting with a facebook post about Jack Roberts and the SheelaNaGig… Searching for Sacred Wisdom workshops led me to Native American Shamanism workshops. ;~{ Finding Bandia Design wasn’t easy, either. But here I am after many detours.

    • Absolutely. A copy of the book is actually included in the tour price. We generally give them at the beginning of the tour. But I will mail yours in the next day or so.

      huge hugs!

  3. I would love to have you send me a daily itinerary for your june and september trips even though I understand they are full. Also, could you puttee on a list for 2018 trips please?

    • Judith, my name is Julie, I just ran into Jack in a little store in the village of Kinvara Ireland. I happen to have a home in Port Townsend Washington. I was buying a second book of yours “A call to the Crone” A Legacy of Wisdom I picked up in Galway and could not put it down. I am here with my family for Christmas. After Christmas we are going to spend a week in the Dingle. I am wanting to go on my own and explore more the aspects of Ireland that you speak about in your book. I will though be on my own and am very nervous about driving a car by myself. I am wondering if you might have some suggestions, because here I am in Ireland I would like to take advantage of this time I have here, it took me so long to be here, and I am so inspired by your book! Wondering if you might be here in Ireland at this time or have any ideas? Sincerely, Julie Edwards

      • Hey Julie. Delightful to hear from you. We are actually neighbors, sort of. I live outside Gig Harbor. Which is where I am now. I have no definite plans to be in Ireland until May for the tour. If folks have a limited amount of time in Ireland I generally suggest Sligo. The number of sacred sites in that area is stunning. Benbulben, Carrowmore stone circles, Carrowkeel cairns, Creevykeel court cairn, Tobernault Holy Well, Caves of Leash. All are easy to get to and within easy driving distance. The Carrowkeel cairns are about an hour away. I completely understand your reluctance to drive over there. Took me a while to get the hang of it…and it can be a bit nerve-wracking at first. Especially at this time of year with darker and shorter days. If you do choose that, I would highly recommend an automatic. The challenge is that there are really no sacred sites or areas of sacred sites within walking distance if you take a train/bus and are on foot. I’m not sure of their plans, but it could be that Jack and/or Colleen would be available to offer you a private guided tour. I know that Colleen especially does this quite a bit. If that might be an option I can get you in touch with them. It really much depends on what you want to experience. Tell me a bit more about that. And thank you so much for purchasing…and especially enjoying my books. A huge honor for me. And…if it makes more sense to continue our conversation on email, mine is Looking forward to continuing this conversation.

      • Hey Julie. Just checking in on your possible touring plans. I did connect with Jack and Colleen. Colleen is delighted to tour you around a bit. So you have options. And no pressure. Just checking in. And if this doesn’t work, perhaps we can connect when you are back in Port Townsend.

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