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2023 Sacred Alliance.
The Gathering.

May 10th – 21st
June 2nd – 13th

Within the heart and soul of Ireland there is a call to merge with her sacred alliance of Earth, ancestral, and otherworld energies. In this confluence, in this gathering, there is the invitation for you to deepen your relationship with the alliance and weave that alignment as a fundamental thread in the fabric of your life.

Sacred Alliance The Gathering is an invitation to light workers and those who aspire to root this powerful energy deeply in their lives. It is the call to amplify the light we hold. The light we manifest and share as love, joy, peace, and compassion. The light that fuels our passion and creative spirit.

Sacred Alliance The Gathering Brochure

As I post the brochure here, the May Gatherings is now full. If this calls to you, please email me so we can have a conversation.




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