Ireland Journeys

Sacred Journey.
An invitation to deepen
the sacred wisdom you hold
An invitation to dance with
the rhythm of your soul.



2022 Sacred Ireland Journeys
These journeys are now closed. These same journeys will not be offered again but there is something emerging to replace them. A deeper connection, a deeper calling. Information will be posted here.

A time comes when the call is strong to take counsel with our soul as we navigate the transitions and thresholds of our lives. The call to step through a portal and commune with the sacred. Welcome to the portals of Ireland.

There is an ancient wisdom that reverberates here. It echoes through history, lore, and legend. It emanates from the land. It vibrates through the megalithic landscapes. It lives in the people. Weaving Wisdom is an invitation to encounter this living heritage of wisdom and spirituality. An invitation to nurture your Soul and explore, to paraphrase poet Mary Oliver, what you will do with the rest of your one wild and precious life.



A Gathering of Wisdom & Soul
In Sligo, Ireland

The nature of this gathering is shifting at the moment. The flyer will be posted when the event is fully organized. If you are interested, email me so we can stay in touch.


To come home to yourself. To deepen the spiritual wisdom you hold. To nurture your soul. This is the invitation. To breathe with the land that holds an ancient knowing. To meditate in megalithic landscapes and open to the call of the ancestors. To encounter mystic thresholds and portals. To be inspired by mythic lore and legend. To surrender to the rhythms and spirit of Ireland. To have time to connect, reflect, and just be. This is the nature of our gathering.


Carrowmore horizons

Sacred Ireland Participant Reflections

The most significant experience of my life. JK

I had planned to retire at the end of the year last year, but in Ireland I felt a renewal of body, mind and spirit that was quite dramatic. I felt my work in this world was not done, in fact, my vision about doing integrative work was renewed and clarified. Something about the spirit in Ireland was transformative on deep levels for me:  dreams, energy shifts and healing, clarity, mystical experiences, ancestral healing and a re-birthing experience were all part of the transformation.  So I did not retire, kept my practice, and now at Beltaine, my fire is lit and I’m moving toward this new vision, renewed and excited!  LS

Magical,  spiritual and soul pleasing! I’d  do it again in a heartbeat! The marriage of the sacred, mythology and the archeo-astronomy fed many aspects of my need to know everything I could about this beautiful and magical land that is home to my ancestors. It deepened my feeling of “home”. A day doesn’t go by that I don’t think of my time there. I feel my spirit has been so effected by all I did and those we met.  I got such a feeling of peace that has carried over since I returned.   JT

Truly a deeply moving and magical journey. I am still processing and integrating it all!   DG

In regaling family with stories of Ireland I was so reminded, yet again, of how gracefully, lovingly and wisely you handle the needs and idiosyncrasies of each pilgrim.   AF

Can I just say how awesome the trip was? It was fan-fokken-tastic!  I’ll still be unfolding messages for months to come, maybe even years. No words…for how deeply profound and meaningful the trip, the sites, the experience was…I’ve tried to find the words, to explain to others, and the words fall short.   SK

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