Flying Above The Clouds

I always book a window seat. The views are amazing. However the last time I flew to Ireland a cloud cover obscured my view of what folks are calling the fly-over states. An interesting analogy for what’s unfolding in our nation.

flying-above-the-cloudsIt’s tempting not to look too closely at the political landscape. Yes. Stories of the latest horrors stream through my FaceBook feed along with headlines from the several news sources I follow. But it’s easy to watch from a safe distance. To fly above the clouds. It’s an option. An option for me because I’m white. This is the nature of white privilege. My family will not be incarcerated or deported. Being straight, well educated, and financially secure are additional dynamics that keep me from feeling the fear and pain that so many are experiencing. 

But the fascist agenda is clear. It’s not just about our Hispanic, Muslim, and LGBTQ sisters and brothers. It’s about women. It’s about intellectuals. It’s about Mother Earth. It’s about the water we drink and the air we breathe. It’s about all of us.

Flying above the clouds is just not an option.

Judith –

Big Wisdom

“It is now time for humans to step into their greatness. You are way bigger and more powerful than you know and it’s time to stop pretending. You can change things – in the world, in your life, in your self. Own your power and take action to create the life and the world that you desire. We whales are holding you in our hearts. We have a vision of peace and love, clean water and air, food a plenty and balance and harmony. Now go make it happen.”  

granny-orcaGranny died last year. It was much in the news. She was a mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and the leader of J-pod, her extended family group. She was the oldest whale in the Southern Resident Community of approximately 80 whales for many years.

 I know that it’s possible to communicate with animals. But whether one believes or not, this message from a woman who communicated with Granny rings true.

Now. Let’s go make it happen.

Judith –

A New Narrative

Death Rattle.
Terminal secretions produced by
someone who is near death.

I am fatigued. Fatigued by the spewing of executive orders, the hateful legislation being proposed, and the constant focus on and horrified reaction to unfolding events. It’s toxic. And it’s time for a new narrative.

Through the stunning resistance in these last weeks, through millions marching and hundreds of thousands raising their voices, we now see and know ourselves and each soul-songother as people who stand for social and environmental justice. We see and know that we are the majority and are joined in our shared values by people around the world. We are strong, passionate, and articulate. And nothing can change that. 

We are united in common values that are rooted in decades of evolving social and environmental justice. We are a movement that continues to evolve and grow stronger. And nothing can change that. 

These efforts we are seeing to take control of the trajectory of our nation are desperate attempts to cling to a past – a past that is gone forever. These are the death rattles of old white men and women of privilege. The death rattles of old angry ideologies. Yes. They are loud. But we are louder. Yes. There are changes being made that are unconscionable and unconstitutional. But these changes will not stand.

For we are singing a soul song. A song that is being harmonized around the world. This is our strength. This is a new narrative. A narrative that feeds the soul. A music that can be heard by the Universe.

Judith –