This One Light. This One Song.

Last bard of the free, were it mine to inherit
The fire of thy harp and the wing of thy spirit.

The Bards of Ireland were the keepers of the stories. Stories to remind the people who they were and to keep alive the flame and Light of their essential nature. Long after the official class of Bards faded, there were those of a bardic nature who continued to write the stories, poems, and songs. I found these lines, written by a Mr. Callanan, in a book that was once my Irish grandfather’s. Popular Songs of Ireland, published in 1886. Words for that time and for this time.

The recent election here in the US was perhaps not all some of us hoped for. But within this darkness it was a light of possibility. And a story of ourselves as a people of passion and compassion, inclusion and justice both social and environmental. Now the voting is over. But it is on us to continue this story.

I have one vote. I have one light to shine and one song to sing in this world. Sometimes it seems so small compared to the vast darkness that surrounds us. But it’s what I have. And in this season of celebrating the return of the Light, I will shine and I will sing. 

This one light. This one song. The fire of the harp. The wing of Spirit.

Judith –

A Feast Of Fear & Hatred

Every day in the year there comes some malice into the world,
and where it comes from is no good place.
Cracked Mary

There are some say it is the moon.
Hyacinth Halvey

So it is too. The time the moon is going back, the blood
that is in a person does be weakening, but when the moon
is strong, the blood moves strong in that same way. And it to
be full, it drags the wits along with it, the same as it drags the tides.
Shawn Early

It’s Ireland in 1919 and the villagers of Cloon are discussing the source of madness. The play is Full Moon which author Lady Gregory dedicates to all the sane people who know their neighbours to be naturally cracked or someway queer or to have gone wrong in the head.

It’s the US in 2018 and many of us are wondering about our neighbours. On the eve of an election when here and around the world people are wondering if we have gone wrong in the head, it’s easy to attribute this madness to outside influences. Perhaps even the moon. But it’s not about outside influences. 

I’m reminded of the tale of a grandfather sitting at a fire with his grandson. They boy is troubled about his recent behavior and the grandfather counsels him that we each have two wolves inside us. One holds the energies of greed and anger and fear and hatred. The other holds the energies of kindness and compassion and generosity and love. How we behave is a matter of choosing which wolf we feed.

Republicans have been laying out a feast of fear and hatred. Many have been choosing to gorge themselves on it. Tomorrow we will find out how many. Tomorrow we will find out which wolf we, as a nation, are choosing to feed. 

Judith –