I’m Not Looking For Friends

Most iconic of all images of elder women is the Crone.
She is not withdrawn. She is alarmingly present.
Like a tuning fork, her truth shatters hypocrisy.
Others in her presence are released into what is true in themselves.
Or they flee.

She was recently in Ireland and bought my books. She emailed to ask if I was in Ireland and available to give her a bit of a tour of sacred sites. I’m not. So arrangements were made with Colleen, our amazing residential cottage caretaker. I understand they had a wonderful time. She emailed me from the Dublin airport on her way home. And today we are meeting for lunch. Lovely. Jack mentioned she’s a wonderful woman and we might become friends.

Perhaps. But as I navigate these thresholds of Elder and Crone, I find I am not looking for friends. I am looking for sisters, and brothers, who want to step into what is true in themselves. I am looking for sisters, and brothers, who are willing to shatter hypocrisy and be alarmingly present in the world.

So a new friend? Perhaps. A new Crone sister? I hope so.

Judith – judith@stonefires.com

Sacred Vibrations

Sometimes a visual helps. Those who have traveled to Ireland with me have heard the numbers. Of holy wells. Of cairns. Of stone circles. Of ring forts – estimated between 50 and 60 thousand. For an island just over half the size of Washington State, the sacred sites are ubiquitous. So many numbers and so hard to get a mind around them.

But here is a map of Ireland’s archaeological sites, most considered sacred, created entirely of dots. Each dot a site. 

It’s no wonder that people so intensely feel the power and presence of this place. It’s no wonder that we sense the presence of other realms and the ancestors. Within these places, the land holds fast that energy and knowing of ancient wisdoms. Within this landscape there is a sacred vibration, a vibration that calls us to return. Again and again.

Judith – judith@stonefires.com