A Raucous Of Ravens

August 16, 2022


We have loads of wildlife wandering through the landscape and airscape here at MossTerra – deer, bear, coyote, raccoon, hawk, bald eagle, and of course an abundance of squirrels. Among the many birds we seem to always have resident owls. In the forty-seven years we have lived here we’ve had the occasional raven fly through. But in the last few weeks this has changed. We now have a large flock of ravens calling through the trees and circling overhead. And it’s become a bit raucous around here. 

I know that when an animal shows up in our lives we humans tend to assign meaning to it. But as my spiritual teachers have counseled, it’s generally not about you. It’s just an animal passing through. However these ravens are clearly not passing through. And they have my attention.

If raven comes into your life, expect magic.
Ted Andrews

My first spiritual encounter with raven was dramatic. I was in the bottom of a cave in Ireland when an Irish woman decided to disrupt my ceremony by channeling Mórrígan who arrived with her ravens. I wrote about this experience in my Legacy book. Mórrígan and I ended that encounter with a mutual respect and for a few years after that when I meditated in Ireland I would often find a raven feather literally planted, standing upright, in the grass in front of me. And there was magic.

If raven appears,
somewhere in your life, magic is at play.

Ted Andrews

With what’s unfolding, magic is not at play somewhere in my life. It’s at play everywhere in my life. And perhaps that’s why raven is such a strong and loud presence right now. A reminder that the energy they hold is about going into the dark to bring forth the light. This is why their season is Winter Solstice. This is why in the mythology of the Pacific Northwest coastal tribes it is raven flies through the darkness to steal the sun for the people. 

For that is indeed the purpose of this unfolding, this magic. It is all about bringing forth the light in this time of darkness. And it’s all about doing this for the people and the planet. 

I welcome this raucous of ravens and am humbled by their message.


Those WTF Moments

August 4, 2022


I was sharing a bit about what unfolded in Ireland with a friend and he mentioned that there must have been a number of WTF moments in all of that. I laughed. There certainly were.

And then he offered another way to look at that. WTF. Waiting and breathing with the situation, not immediately reacting. Trusting that right action will come, perhaps through listening to guides, ancestors, intuitive and otherworld wisdom. Following that wisdom to right action. 

Waiting. Trusting. Following.

Thank you, Michael, I love this. May we all embrace these WTF moments in our lives.


BTW, since I seem to be into acronyms this morning, today is our wedding anniversary. Thirty-eight years. And nine years after we began our relationship. So there was the waiting and trusting and following our hearts. We would do it all over again in a flash. However doing the math over our morning coffee was something of a WTF moment for both of us.