Biddy’s Cottage

Remains of Biddy Early's cottage-1.Two years ago Biddy Early’s cottage, or what’s left of it, was for sale. After unsuccessful attempts to get the Irish government interested in acquiring the cottage, pictured here, as a heritage site, the owner hoped to sell it as a potential tourist attraction. Asking price, $75,000.

People often ask me if I ever plan to live in Ireland or buy property there. No. But if I did, Biddy’s cottage would not be the place. A daunting prospect as apparently Biddy comes with the land. Reports are she is still very present at the location, that she does not fancy cars and anyone parking on the road too close to the cottage path is certain to have car trouble, flat tires, dead batteries. I do absolutely plan to visit the cottage next summer. I hauled out my Ireland map and, to my delight, discovered that it’s is located near Shannon airport where I seem to spend quite a bit of my time. If Biddy’s energy is as present as her legend visiting will be quite the adventure.