Experiences Of The Glen

Brendan was the first to tell me of the Faery Glen, but he wasn’t the first to take me there. It was my friend Jack, author and artist, who first introduced me to that mystical place. By the time Brendan first mentioned the Glen he was well aware of my visits to the many local megalithic sites; circles, cairns and caves. But the only time he ever asked about my experiences was after the Faery Glen visit. “Did you see anything?”, he wanted to know. Curious the same question wasn’t posed about other sites.

I don’t generally ‘see’ things. Well, there was that one time. My first visit to Ireland, in fact. But my connection with spirits and energies of other realms is mostly vibrational. And the vibrations in the Glen are powerful. Others do see things and have more what we think of as direct communication with those in other realms. After one visit, as we gathered back at tin whistlesthe cars, a woman in our group said the spirits of the place were very delighted by our visit, but that we were way too serious – it is so natural to step into a space of reverent silence in that place, and we had. They would love us to return with song and music. We decided to do just that the following afternoon. But we never made it. It was during a descent from Knocknarea the following morning that I broke my leg. Instead of gathering in the Glen we gathered in Sligo hospital.

However I have been back several times since. While singing and music does indeed raise the vibration of the place, fortunately none of us have been quite good enough to be spirited away by the faery folk…as is the story of legend and lore.