A Mystical Earth Connection

About the time he first came to live with us as a small ball of fur we received a post card from my sister and brother-in-law on photo safari in Africa. The card opened with a Swahili greeting of enthusiastic ‘hello’, Jambo. We had been looking for a name for our new puppy and this seemed perfect. We had no idea just how perfect.

In fifteen years he left this land only once. Deeply woven with this forest we call MossTerra he was no more inclined to leave than the cedar trees. He was MossTerra’s official greeter, enthusiastically welcoming friends and new friends alike to enjoy an experience with the Earth.

Last Christmas eve he had a health crisis and for several days and weeks we thought we would lose him. This episode left us so grateful for the fifteen years and for every single day of these past months. We knew his time was limited and we prayed to the ancestors who walk this land to support his transition. That he not suffer. That it be gentle and peaceful as was his nature. That there would be no medical intervention. That his transition would be back to the land he so loved.

Two days ago when Dennis and I returned from running an errand he wasn’t here to greet us. We searched until it got dark and then continued with flashlights. We walked his favorite trails and checked his many haunts and holes. And double checked. Just in case. Just to be sure. It was if he just vanished.

Even as we began our search we knew it would be futile. We knew he was gone. The energy here was shifted dramatically. A heavy and empty quiet had descended and we knew all of MossTerra was acknowledging the loss. It was awe inspiring. And in his leaving, as in his life, he showed us the mystical power, beauty and joy that come from being in right relationship with the Earth. A lesson he shared with everyone who knew him. A lesson that is reflected in the many emails we have received these past two days.

jambo in flowers2He is a part of MossTerra that will remain in our hearts forever.

He who is woven with MossTerra
He who greeted all people as his own
He who rolled in the ferns
Oh Jambo we will miss you, we love you, our heart to your heart
Thank you for showing us how to live well!

Indeed he taught us all how to live well in right relationship with the beauty and magic of the Earth. We haven’t yet found his body. He found a safe and well hidden place to go to the Earth he so loved. His spirit is still with us and, as the veils here at MossTerra are thin, I hope one day soon to catch a glimpse of him once again running with joy through the flowers in the upper meadow.