Round Ireland With Shaun The Sheep

I met Shaun in the departure lounge at Newark airport. We hit it off right away. He was traveling discreetly in Mia’s hand luggage. He was, after all, livestock. And he had no passport. So discretion was required. But that only lasted as long as the flight.shaun the sheep Once we landed in Shannon Airport Shaun had a field day, as sheep are inclined to have. There are photos of Shaun on the stone walls of County Clare, enjoying music and a pint in Doolin pubs, hiding in the massive towers of flowers that dot the Sligo street scape, assisting us in delivering our laundry to the dry cleaners, hiding throughout the garden in Serenity, hiding behind the stones in Brigit’s Garden…and more. All of his adventures duly recorded and sent to Mia’s daughter, Adeline. Her favorites were the find-shaun-in-this-picture shaun drivingphotos. And so we made our way through Ireland leaving many amused, if not bemused, locals and tourists in our wake. I would highly recommend taking Shaun on your Ireland adventures. However I would not recommend you let him drive.