Artistic Weavings

I didn’t get that double espresso. At least not right away. As I headed to the cafe I was drawn to a small stone building with a sandwich board announcing an exhibition of imageCourtney Davis’ artwork. As far as Celtic artwork, his is iconic and the man is prolific. His images are everywhere. I enjoy his work (an example to the right) and was intrigued. As I stepped through the doorway I was greeted with a floor to ceiling and wall to wall display of art. I was also greeted by Courtney.

I mentioned I had a few of his pieces. Including window stickers which I have given as gifts and which are always displayed in the back window of my rental car when I’m in Ireland. “My god,” he said, “that’s a long time ago you bought those. I’ve had two wives since those were made.”

I told him his work is truly amazing. He said he had help and was of course referring to sources of inspiration. I also asked if he had help in this dimension with what must be a massive undertaking of production and distribution. “No,” he said. “I’m a very busy one man operation.” I laughed and mentioned that the last person I had heard say that was Jack Roberts. At this Courtney went off. Jack Roberts!?! He had always admired and wanted to meet Jack and hoped very much that would happen one day. Well. Turns out Jack and I are headed back this way next week for a dinner with Anthony Murphy. Arrangements are now in place to stop by the shop which Courtney said he would close during our visit.

English by birth Courtney just recently moved himself and his art business to Ireland. He just feels there is something energetically opening up here and he wants to be part of it. For himself and the healing of the people and planet. When we meet him next week it will be very interesting to hear more…and to witness the meeting and weaving of two amazing artists and spirits.