The Wise Women of Western Ireland

If you’ve spent any time with my book or this blog you will know that Biddy Early, known in her life and since as the wise woman of Clare, features prominently in both. I’ve known there are healers throughout this country. But only during these past few weeks have I come to realize the breadth and power of the wise woman community here.

But a note on Biddy. Some time ago my dear friends Stu and Annalu bought me a small ceramic sign that reads “Don’t Piss Off The Fairies!” When Jack, Mia, and I went to visit Biddy’s cottage two weeks ago I thought about posting a sign on it “Don’t Piss Off The Witch!” For it was clear someone had. The small scarf across the doorway provided no more than a suggestion that we stay out. We didn’t. On entering we found rolls of toilet paper, cans of baked beans, a sleeping bag, and tarps in the corner. There was evidence of a recent fire. A puddle of water collected in the seat of a lawn chair was the only indication that it had been some hours at least since this visitor had been here. I barely had time to take all this in when it hit me. A powerful energy stirred up and angry. Although I knew this wasn’t about us I quickly grabbed Mia to me and called in the Light to shield us. It was intense and in dramatic contrast to the energy of this place on prior visits. I have no idea why this individual had come to camp in the cottage or what they thought they were doing. But whatever it was Biddy was not happy.

When I mentioned this to Aisling in a delightful five hours with her yesterday over tea and scones she said she and the sisters would soon make a visit to work on clearing the energy. The sisters. It turns out there are many. Women of power. Women of healing intention for their people, the planet and the world. Aisling is a bright light among them and she is now connecting me with others. As I write this I am waiting for a return phone call from one in the Galway area so we can arrange tea in the next couple of days. It will be wonderful to meet her. It is already wonderful to know there is a vibrant sisterhood here…the new wise women of western Ireland.