Dancing In The Dark

After cautious assessment I will occasionally pick up a hitchhiker. In our rural community there is no public transportation and walking to the nearest bus stop would take all day. However this morning I had Ema in the car with me and her policy is more absolute. Absolutely no one she doesn’t know is welcome within five feet of the car and even those she does know will get a warning growl. And she puts the full weight of her 113 pounds and guardian dog nature behind her assertion of this policy.

So, as we were driving slowly through a local village, when I saw a woman standing on the side of the road dancing with her thumb out I knew we wouldn’t be stopping. When she realized I wasn’t slowing down to pick her up the hitchhiker stepped into the road to spit on the car. I swerved to miss her and watched through the rear view mirror as she stood in the middle of the road her whole body engaged in a rage of gestures. If she was dancing, she was dancing with demons.

flame of peaceI believe, I know, that we are all born with a Divine Light. This encounter was a profound reminder that for some the Light is pretty dim if not extinguished altogether. And I thought of those who are enraged by pain and anger to a point of violence – to a point of war. So many people dancing in the dark.

When we pray for the Light of Peace, we pray that flame will burn within each of us.

Spirit of Peace
To your cause I give my strength
That love will reign and war will cease
Aum Shanti Aum