Circle Up

From sewing circles to drum circles our lives and language are filled with a consciousness of the round. A consciousness that echoes a time when our ancestors lived and worshipped in the round. We gather around the fire and in the coming weeks many of us will feast together around the Thanksgiving table and gather around a Christmas tree. We go around the corner and sometimes around the bend. Those things on our to-do list? We will eventually get around to them. Circle becomes an architecture and articulation of our lives.

It is also the nature of how we journey through life. From birthdays to seasons to holidays to anniversaries we travel through the cycle of each year and find ourselves back at the same point. Like the hours on an analog clock round and round we go. Sometimes it seems an endless merry-go-round. Sometimes we don’t feel all that merry about it.

The circle can be a shape in our lives but it doesn’t have to limit the shape of our lives. For with each turning of the wheel we never really return to the same point. In each turning we are changed by our life experiences and we arrive at a new place. Our circular travel becomes more like a spiral journey. As so beautifully expressed in this video it’s all how we look at it. And when we see that our lives hold the promise and potential for growth and evolution we shift both our perspective and our consciousness. We literally circle up.