No Worries

This journey with cancer offered the potential of deep transformation, even initiation. To open to these gifts it would be essential to walk this journey with clarity, intention, and grounding – yet that would all be thwarted if I wasn’t able to first deal with the fear of it. In all the reading and research we did there was the underlying counsel to step around the energy of fear which releases toxins in the body and plays havoc with mind and emotion. worryingAs my oncologist and many others noted, the right mind set and emotional peace would be 50% of my healing. It’s not that fear would not be present, for there was and always will be the specter of anxiety. So my first step in finding a right relationship with cancer was coming to terms with my relationship with fear.

When I saw this facebook post I knew it would become one of my mantras for this journey. So simple…and so powerful. Good for a cancer diagnosis…and life in general.

5 thoughts on “No Worries

  1. Very simple yet profound.

    I liken it to “being strong and empty yet full”

  2. Both blogs were so good to read and the worrying quote is excellent. Nice to have you back behind your pen again.

  3. “The moment you change your perception, is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body.”
    Bruce Lipton

    So happy to see you writing again. Looking forward more as you journey to Ireland. Love yo

    • Ah, my sister. You are so spot on with this. Yes…this journey has and continues to be about changing my perception…and it has absolutely changed the chemistry of my body…and much more. And yes….there will be more from Ireland. Now just over a week before I leave. I will carry you with me….

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