Seeds Of Hope

President Carter is calling for justice for women. Pope Francis is calling for justice for the Earth, specifically climate justice. He is encouraging every person living on this planet to cooperate for the care of creation. At the heart of it they are calling for the same thing.

When we honor women, when we honor the Earth, we are honoring the sacred and divine feminine energy embodied in both. Life giving and nurturing. This summer my spiritual community spent a full week praying for the re-awakening of the divine feminine principle. We’ve done it before and we will likely do it again. For in this awakening are the seeds of hope for the future of our planet and our people.

Goddess ÉriuWe know there are many places in the world where these seeds will fall on hard ground. We also know there are many places where these seeds fall on fertile soil. Ireland is such a place. In a country named after the Goddess Ériu, a country where at one time every well was a holy well of the Goddess Brigit, a country where many songs sung to and about women are really songs for Ireland, a knowing and respect for the divine feminine is woven in legend and lore, history and heritage. Fertile ground indeed.

A friend and I were reflecting on our recent journey to Ireland and how many, especially men, speak so openly about the sacred feminine. It’s little wonder this is so. The seeds of hope are already growing there. The earth sculpture of Ériu pictured here, a recent installation on the sacred Hill of Uisneach, stands in testimony of the many seeds emerging from Ireland’s green and fertile soil.

Judith –