Other Worlds

It’s been a while. I had several posts ready to publish. And then we got the call. My Dad was dying and any writings about driving in Ireland just seemed so frivolous. Rushing to be with Dad in his transition I stepped away from writing and into an other world journey.

At 91, Dad had lived a good life. He made incredible contributions to so many and in so many ways. He was ready to go. He was ready to be with Mom. And it was a good death. Bob Nilan at Pierce cabinHe was home, surrounded by family, with an incredible harpist in the room with us. We sang and prayed and called to those on the other side to come collect him. He was already seeing through the veil.

One of the world’s leading barley geneticists, Dad was proud of his Barley Bob nickname. It was when the harpist played Sting’s song Fields of Gold that Dad took his final breath. You’ll remember me when the west wind moves upon the fields of barley. It was as if those on the other side, those in the Otherworld, were saying, “We’ve got him. All is well.” Mom was waiting for him. His angel guided him over the threshold.

Over these past weeks I’ve been waiting. Waiting for the intense grief. But It has not yet come. Perhaps it will. Perhaps this is the gift of dementia. For we have been losing and grieving that loss of Dad for the past few years. When he was ready to go we were ready to let him go.

But perhaps, and more likely, it is the comfort of knowing the truth of other worlds and realms – the Otherworld of our Irish ancestors. Knowing that we are all truly just Spirits having a human experience and that when we die our Spirits do not. There is such great comfort in knowing that Dad is now with his beloved soul mate. As one of Dad’s long-time colleagues said when she heard of his passing, “There are rainbows in heaven because your Mom and Dad are together again.”

I love you Dad. I always will.

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  1. How beautiful, Judith. Thank you for sharing. I’ll also share with my family because Don’s journey had many similarities to your Dad’s: Our sons, Ryan and Evan, played their guitars, Aaren read aloud from letters Don had written, we drank his favorite Cotes du Rhone, saluting him often. Maude was there, curled up next to him in love and support. Although he was gone from our sight, on the other side, they welcomed his coming: All Hail! Gatay gatay para gatay para sum gatay Bodhi Svaha!

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  2. Dear, dear Judith,

    Thank you so very much for sharing about your precious Dad. What a wonderful life! Glad to know more about who gifted you to this world. I’m heading for Oregon for a few days and will spend precious time to be inspired again and again with the thoughts you shared.

    Deep peace,


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