Oh, Please. Not Him!

In my spiritual community we pray. A lot. We pray for the Earth. We pray for women and children. We pray for our LGBTQ sisters and brothers. We pray for the marginalized and the disenfranchised. Last Sunday we were asked to pray for Donald Trump. Seriously!?!

I can think of no politician so dramatically and diametrically opposed to the values and beliefs I hold sacred. The idea that he would become president horrifies me. And now I am to pray for him every day. To send prayers of our Metta that he would open his heart and mind to these sacred truths. That all beings will have fresh air to breathe, clean water to drink, adequate food, a home, someone to share love with. That they will know their true purpose, be well and happy and free from suffering.

Last summer some Irish friends asked me over dinner if we were really stupid enough to elect him. The Irish have a heritage of holding their leaders to a high standard. They were really wondering about our standards. Indeed. What might be possible if we were to embrace the standards that King Cormac laid out in his Instructions of the King?



Do not deride any old person though you be young
Nor any poor man though you be rich,
Nor any naked though you be well-clad,
Nor any lame though you be swift,
Nor any blind though you be keen-sighted,
Nor any invalid though you be robust,
Nor any dull though you be clever,
Nor any fool though you be wise.



Cormac had much to say about righteous leadership. But we might start here. For indeed, what might be possible? In the meantime, this is for you Mr. Trump:

May all beings have fresh air and water
May all beings have food to eat
May all beings share love with someone
May all beings have a home
May all beings know their true purpose
May all beings be well and happy
May all beings be free from suffering

Judith – judith@stonefires.com

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