Who Would She Choose?

In ancient Ireland sovereignty was a sacred contract with the Earth. Inaugurations were called Bainis Rí, or wedding feast of kingship, as in these ceremonies the king was married to the land-goddess Ériu after whom Ireland is named. In swearing fielty to her, he became Goddess-Eriua mediator between her supernatural powers and the community. Social equilibrium and prosperity depended on his observing the sanctity of this relationship. And let’s be clear, Ériu was demanding.

She required nothing less that absolute right relationship with the land and the people. She required that his leadership embody the knowing that all people and all life are sacred. And if the king proved to be cruel, faltering, or capricious, she declined his sovereignty and the people’s welfare suffered. This was Justice of a King and ancient texts were explicit on the subject.

“It is clear to those who consider well, how profitable to the world is the justice of a king, for it is the peace of the peoples, the security of country, the safety of the common folk, the defence of the tribe, the cure of illness, the joy of men, the clemency of the weather, the calm of the seas, the fruitfulness of the earth, the consolation of the poor, and the inheritance of children.”

As I look at the landscape of our presidential candidates and consider the sacred sovereignty bestowed by Ériu, I have to wonder. Who would she choose?

Judith – judith@stonefires.com