Living A Universal Harmony

You must begin to live in harmony with the laws governing the universe.

Emerging, and yet not completely emerging, from my recent sanctuary time, it seems I could spend the rest of my life exploring just this one sentence from just one meme. At some level, I probably will.

Living in alignment with the universal harmony. The Irish named this universal harmony auric tulipOran Mór, the Great Melody. A divine song that sings in and animates all life. A sacred force present in all things, both animate and inanimate. Our ancestors, from any cultural heritage, held and lived this knowing. For those who need more tangible proof, Kirlian photography captures these auric energy fields. As in this tulip image.

While our ancestors lived in alignment with a universal harmony, we have become estranged. Our fast paced and mechanized culture has drifted so far from this harmonic vibration that alignment now requires a recalibration. We must intentionally step away from the chaotic energetic soup we swim in and shift our consciousness to join and become one with the harmonic energy. Meditation, sanctuary, and silent retreat are all pathways for this journey. For me, that part is not so difficult. With practice – and it’s why they call it spiritual practice – this becomes a more natural and fluid movement.

What is difficult for me is re-entry. It can be jarring and brutal. Beyond re-entry is the challenge of sustaining that alignment. Holding and carrying that energy into the world without having it ravaged. There are tools. Shielding, deep breathing, mantra, visualization. And from my recent immersion here at MossTerra, I now have a deeper understanding that sanctuary is not just a place to go but an energy I carry with me. For me, this is huge. Because, to paraphrase a recent meme, my spiritual path is not just about aligning with the universal harmonic energy. It’s about sharing it in the world.

Judith –