Irish Time

The difference between the Americans and the Irish
is that we still have time.
An Irish Publican

Friend Helen sent me a lovely book on Irish holy wells and this quote is on the acknowledgements page. It speaks to one of the things I most cherish about the Irish people. One of the things that so catches the attention of people who travel with me. The timeIrish still have time. In most cases, and especially in the west of Ireland where we spend most of our Sacred Ireland journeys, they haven’t given it all away.

In our modern and fast-paced culture, we give our time away so freely. To packed schedules, to myriad activities, to social media, to entertainment. And then we despair of having so little left. As if none of this is under our control. Yet so much of our time is ours to manage. Ours to give away. Or to keep for those spontaneous encounters in an Irish pub that call us to linger for yet another story. Ours to keep for a quiet walk along the cliffs in Doolin. Ours to keep so we can just be more fully present to the moment. Present to the moment…some might suggest that’s why it’s called the gift of time.

“The Irish are so welcoming and friendly!” I hear this so often from my fellow travelers. Yes, the Irish are very gracious, especially in opening and sharing their gift of time. And we could all use a bit more Irish time in our lives.

Judith –

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