The Faery Man

I had just squeezed through the narrow opening in the stone wall and was grounding and greeting the guardian trees of this sacred place. It was twilight and I was here to step into a ceremony with the energies of the full moon and imagesummer solstice…and the sacred well in the middle of the ring fort which is encircled by trees. There is lovely grove energy in this place.

I sensed a presence and turned to see the man leaning over the stone wall. His sudden appearance would have me think he sprang right up out of the ground except that I had encountered him on previous visits and knew he lived in the house just across the road. Dressed in tweed jacket, sweater vest, and Irish cap, he was staring at me intently and expectantly with dancing blue eyes. Ah yes. I had been told this man is faery and his countenance completely supports it. I went back to the wall and greeted him.

“Well, I’m here to do a bit of prayer work,” I explained in answer to his unspoken question.

“Ah, grand.” His eyes sparkled. “Now do ye know the pattern of the place?”

“No. I was led through it last summer. But I haven’t the details of it. Do you know the pattern?”

“Ah. Now I don’t.” But I knew that he did. “Do ye know how many stones are there?”, he asked knowing full well the answer.

“I believe there are fourteen,” I replied, “two concentric circles with seven stones each.”

imageHe nodded. “And do ye know what is the healing of this place?” I acknowledged that I didn’t. Many, if not most, sacred wells in Ireland are known for a specific healing energy. I had just days before visited an Eye Well. When I mentioned my visit the faery man seemed pleased. I asked if he knew of the healing energy of this place. I’m sure he does, but he wasn’t going to share the deeper secrets of this place. Clearly that is for me to discover – perhaps if those of the other realms deem it appropriate.

We closed our conversation and I turned again to my ceremony. Yes. This place and so many places in the Irish landscape hold much magic. The more time I spend here, the more those secrets are shared. I hope that when I am here again in a few months I might again encounter the faery man. For he is much part of the magic of this place.

Judith –