World War I was raging in Europe when Father Michael O’Flanagan spoke the following to a crowd of over ten thousand people.

All this hatred, that is supposed to fill the breast of the English and the French against the Germans, and of the Germans against the English and the French is largely a manufactured hatred that is built up by the lying newspapers and the lying ministers, who sit in offices in London and other capitals of Europe and play with the lives of men by the million. These men are in no danger themselves but they coolly talk of one offensive, and that offensive will probably cost 150,000 or 200,000 lives. With a stroke of a pencil or with some wild speech or some wild sentence about a knock-out blow, they blot out the lives of hundreds of thousands of fathers and children and leave weeping and broken hearts throughout the length and breadth of Europe…

power of the pressOf course censors forbade publishing even a single word of this in the press. The speech had to be printed privately as a pamphlet.

As you might imagine, just about every conversation I had in Ireland touched on the Brexit vote…and our upcoming presidential elections. Everyone I talked with was pretty sure – and horrified – that Trump will be our next president. My efforts to convince them otherwise were met with great skepticism. The obscenity of his campaign is all the media is reporting over there. The people don’t hear much about Clinton. They hear almost nothing about Saunders. The press has created the forgone conclusion that Trump will sit in the oval office. This is the power of the press. And it’s opPRESSive.

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