Deep Roots

As it is with indigenous people around the world, the Irish people have deep roots. They share a heritage of culture, history, civil codes, and traditions passed through generations, celtic_knot_tree1firmly woven in their psyche, and deeply rooted in the land. This ancient knowing is reflected in their relationship with the sacred, community, and the Earth. It is a knowing being manifest at Standing Rock. Deep roots. A strong tree.

I am so aware of this when I am in Ireland with her buildings that are older than the United States and megalithic landscapes that are older than Christianity.

For those of us whose recent ancestors emigrated to this country, blow-ins, the Irish would call us, our roots here are shallow. Yes, we individually reach back to our indigenous origins. But collectively we have not yet established a deep root system. We haven’t yet had the time.

In a storm, trees with shallow roots are the first to fall. And it looks like we Americans have a storm coming in the aftermath of this presidential election. It’s daunting to think that our tree might fall. But I choose to believe that, as shallow as they may currently be, the roots we have established are nurtured by a fertile ground of democracy and diversity, justice and inclusion, compassion and a creative spirit. A ground that will hold our tree fast as we, together, continue to put down deep roots.

Judith –