No Apologies

“But it’s MY truth,” she shouted. This strong assertion came from a client several years ago. Yes, it was her truth, based on her life experiences and world view. And, like all good counselors, I had read the 1969 publication of I’m OK – You’re OK and was trying to give gracious accommodation to this perspective she clung to so tenaciously. Well. That was then. This is now.

NYTimes columnist Paul Krugman wrote on his blog the day after the election, … it’s always important to remember that elections determine who has the power, not who has the truth.  His statement has resonated with me these last two weeks. And it begs the question, what is the truth? While I don’t presume to know what definition of ‘truth’ Krugman would provide, I sense he’s not talking about the truths of individual perspectives. There is something bigger here. Something universal.

golden-ruleThere are fundamental beliefs and concepts found in wisdom and spiritual traditions around the world. Beliefs about how to be in right relationship with the Earth and each other. The Golden Rule is embedded in at least thirteen major world religions. Concepts of compassion, human dignity, Earth sovereignty, social justice are rooted in the ancient traditions of most cultures and manifest in many current cultures. 

I believe…no, I know that we all hold a divine nature. Yes, it’s hard to see in some, but it’s present in all of us. We are all part of the web of life and it is from this place of sacred knowing and shared cosmology that we recognize and embrace what is truth. What is universal truth. 

Yes. There is a new administration that will hold political and economic power. And what they do with it won’t be good. But we hold the truth.

I aspire to have all my actions based in universal truth. Those who’s actions are not similarly based, those who hold to their truth of hatred, subjugation, violence, and domination…well, I shall try to see the sacred light in them, but I will not accommodate their beliefs and actions. It’s not OK. And for that I make no apologies.

Judith –

4 thoughts on “No Apologies

  1. Thank you for the post and PDF. I will go to the scarboro missions site and see it I can find a copy. I too, taught I”m OK, you’re OK but sometimes we need to look deep to find the OKness. With the rising sun and all day long we can keep sending light to all our elected officials.

  2. Hey. I have a load of these small posters. I purchased mine through a Seattle bookshop. But the publishing company is: Pflaum Publishing Group in Ohio. And yes, sending light and prayer is vitally important. To those who are in the dark….and for those who are holding the Light….like Standing Rock.

  3. I have interviewed 100’s of convicted felons. Most were basically decent people who never had a leg up. However, there were a few who I believe somehow opened a door to evil and let go completely of any divine nature they may have had. I once worked on a case where a man shot his “friend” in the head as he laid on the couch unconscious. Then took the body out to the desert and dug a grave, put the body in and poured 5 gallons of gas in and set it on fire. I had access to photos and videos from his personal devices, as well as crime photos of the recovered body. Some of his personal photos were of his girlfriends and were very explicit As I was reviewing all the photos with him at the jail…I thought, well I hope he doesn’t get too worked up over the nude photos and video. No worries, he was very calm, saying things like, “oh I really miss her”. BUT, when the photos of the remains of the victim came up he jumped out of his chair and got very excited, saying: “Oh man! You should have seen it, his legs and arms rose up in the fire, it was awesome!

    No guilt, no remorse…no divine nature that I could see.

    • Yes. My friend. The Light is dim in many people. And, frankly, there are some who are just pure evil. Light so dim as to be not perceptible.

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